Sunday, October 16, 2011

Simple (ish) skirt

This skirt has been 6 months in the making...
It is made of white homespun which I tied and dyed a very wishy washing blue, purple, green colour. I didn't like the result so I retied it and it sat in the bottom of the washing basket for a couple of months.
On Monday, I pulled it out, mixed up some dark blue and over dyed it. It was ok, but a bit flat soooo (yes I did) I scrunch it up, wrapped some elastic bands round it and through it in some bleach.

The photo doesn't pick the colour variations up so well but I am finally happy with the results and now I have a new skirt!!

And I thought an embrodiery would jazz it up a little 

Pattern : A-line skirt from Sassy Skirts by Cindy Taylor Oates
Embroidery: from Embrodiery Library

I tell ya, I am itching to dye another skirt..I wonder what the results will be 

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