Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mango party time!

Our first MANGO PARTY of the year this afternoon!!
We have been eating Mangoes for a couple weeks now but today after some garden mulching, we enjoyed our first mango party...
(we have 4 trees full, so there will be a party a day I reckon!)
Definition of mango party: sitting round the tree getting VERY messy :D

And look, we have lychees this year. 
We are winning against the fruit bats atm..
Our strategy you ask....
Lucas yelling from his bed at night "MUM!!! FRUIT BATS!!!"
And this Mama goes running...
A few claps outside under the tree and the bats leave. Actually I am happy to share, but I would like some please!!


  1. Ah, that time of the year when I stop talking to you, Liss (or come visit) Jealous!

  2. ooooh lily would be soooooooo jealous!!! everytime we go near a fruit store she begs and pleads for mangoes!! but having grown up with free mangoes in abundance i still can't force myself to pay $2.50 for one mango!!! :D

    LMAO - the word verification i had to type in was 'snotters'!!!! Baaaaahahahahahahaha