Friday, November 11, 2011

Wooden blocks - one of the BEST toys EVER!

See this huge washing basket....well, it is usually chock -a-block full of wooden blocks of all shapes and sizes.
We have had this basket full for about 6 years now. The blocks are mainly off cuts from Dave various projects, some blocks I have bought from op shops and a set that came with a push cart type toy.

And yesterday, out they came again to make a zoo.

I assure you these soft animals are very well cared for. They have a regular supply of fresh food and water, their habitats are individually designed and their enclosures are even cleaned out regulary :)

This basket of wooden toys have been used for sooo many different play ideas - farms, castles, road systems, train set, forts, car tracks and I am sure many more times in the years to come.
They are not perfectly shaped or match in anyway but I know that is what  makes they so fun.

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