Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Japan - two more days in Tokyo!

Today was the day we now call 'The Day of the Crush"..yes, whose idea was it to catch the train at 8.45am from Shinagawa Station, what a mistake! I am sure you all have seen those images, well we were THERE! Poor Mollie, I am not sure how she could breathe. We were squashed in so tight you couldn't move and then someone came along and pushed more people. 
Needless to say, we avoided that time from that time on.  I would have loved to get a photo, but I literally could not  move, and all Mollie could do was laugh :D
So after that experience, we headed to Ueno Station to go to the National Science and Nature Museum.
A nature display
Interesting Science Experiments

Lots of information about animals in Japan (and skeletons)
And then just around the corner there was a zoo
The kids were so excited 'Pandas'
Well....yes, Pandas asleep in a ball in the back of the enclosure, was what it was.
So a photo with a plastic Panda statue it had to be....

The best we could do

Seeing a polar bear was a lovely treat!
Lovely big polar bear!

And after this full day, we headed back to the hotel for an early night. Guess what we had for dinner, yes SUSHI!!

The next morning, we went back into town, down by Tokyo Bay this time. 
Sing it with me, cause I did many a time 'We're on our way to Tokyo Bay' (gotta love the Wiggles :D)
Light rail 

There was an excellent light rail system that went over the Rainbow Bridge and all around the Bay.
One of the many streets of Tokyo
We stopped off at a Maritime Museum, where Lucas got to use a Ship simulator and moved many a big ship safely into Tokyo Bay...while

Mollie watched something about aeroplanes on a big TV, ALL in Japanese.

Then we went aboard a science research boat, very interesting!

And check out this bus!!
Driving round Tokyo, love the bright colours.

Dinner this night was the yummiest Tempura Japanese meal, a bit of a guess of the menu, but we did well!
Served with Miso soup, lovely.


  1. Such fun! Love that Hello Kitty bus.

  2. you'll have to go to Adelaide and see Wang Wang and Funi, they were AWESOME!!! though not sure they'd beat Tokyo!! :) 11 days to go!!!