Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zooming down to Kyoto

Today was the day of our ride on the Shinkansen..exciting!! we were heading south to Kyoto.
After checking out of our hotel, we went back to Shinagawa Station, not be squashed onto a city train but to book a comfy seat on the train that has a top speed of 300km/h

Here is the best photo of 10 that i took, they go so fast that taking a photo can be challenging
Our Shinkansen train racing into the station.
The lovely Japanese lady I was sitting next to pointed out Mt Fiji to us

We arrived in Kyoto at about 2pm, where we got terribly lost trying to find out way to our accomodation but luckily, our taxi driver was able ( after a phone call) to find it.
For the next two night, we stayed at the Watazan Ryokan, where we bathed in a public bath, sat on  tatami mats, slept in futons and wore Kiminos

Our room, having our Japanese tea.
Just down the street was a VERY busy market area, where they sold lots of food we didn't recognise, lots of food we DID recognise but wouldn't dream of eating (eel for one!) and then we stumbled on...

A very full lolly shop! Heaven for the kids and me :D

The next day, we walked down to a more traditional part of Kyoto 

River side living

One of the mail streets of Kyoto
Where we stumbled onto a definite highlight of our trip...a traditional Shinto Wedding.
The bride and groom, with family behind.
It was one of those moments that was hard to walk away from. Even though we had no idea what they were saying we were captivated. Even the children!

After the wedding we walked and walked. We saw many temples and shrines....

Temple Entrance

And then in the afternoon we went to the Nijo Castle
Two very busy days in Kyoto!

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