Monday, September 17, 2007

My Rant!

I am not usually a ranter but the time has come.
It is dd birthday next week and I usually make all birthday pressies but life has got very stressful over the last couple of weeks, so i went into the local toy shop - big mistake. Don't they realise how important toys are to children, maybe they don't and that is why they make so much c**p. Scary faces, fragile plactics structures, once they push the button - that is all is done, agressive, over the top with colours, so many tv characters, all this and really expenive. I could not buy one thing - even ds said 'look at all the plastic Mummy'
Kids need to connect with their toys, use their imagination to create and to BE KIDS. Kids toys don't need to break the budget either. I regulary add to our chidrens toys because none of the wooden stuff gets broken. I bend the rules for Lego only, just because i feel it is an educational toy that the children learn alot from it. I really feel for the children today, they should get lost in their play as their toys take them on a journey of discovery. Now they break after one session and scare them at night.
Anyway, this subject is my bugbare and one dh agress with but is sick of hearing about. It is my love of early childhood that all this comes from and the fact that from a marketing point of view I feel it is not being respected anymore. End of rant

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