Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Our Gardens

Garden 1 (above)

Garden 2 (above)

I love vegetable gardening. The kids and I spend many hours of pleasure planting, fertilizing, mulching and harvesting - yeah!
It is such a empowering feeling of producing our own food.

Some of our all time favourites - tomatoes, lettuce, capsicum, chillis, eggplant - yum, beans, corn - dd favourite, various herbs and this year we even got some strawberries. I tried a potato cage but wasn't very successful - remember to use certified potatoes next time!

As a family, we go out at meal times and harvest - what a buzz!

A very proud mother moment - ds harvesting his own tomato to put on his homemade bread for lunch - his choice and his favourite - hooray!

My objective for this year was to learn to seed save. I had success with corn, eggplant so far!

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