Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Check out our homeschooling supplies!!

Our big parcel full of supplies arrived today from Bel at Spiral Garden
The Lyra pencils, crayons, modelling clay are such good quality and last for years..well they should but Lucas and Mollie draw lots so they actually for us last about a year lol.
See the books at the back there..they are main lesson books which will be used for drawing, nature study books and whatever else takes our fancy!!
The little glass jars are for watercolour paintin.

And after the package was ripped open, the modelling clay was found and the kids started exploring it. Mollie made a snake pot - inspired by Mr Maker (ABC kids) and Lucas something from Indiana Jones..the gold ancient idol (whatever that is...I might have to give my sister a ring to get the lowdown on that one)

It all went in the homeschooling box, ready for tomorrow.

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