Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our day in London

Back to our holiday.
On day three, we caught the train from Datchet train station into Waterloo (London) for the day. We had booked our tickets with the Red Bus company which we boarded at Trafalgar Square.
Here is Mollie on the bus!

We were on the bus crossing the London Bridge here, looking up (or was it down) the Thames to the Tower of London.

We had lunch by the Tower...yep chips..yum... This was after Dave decided to buy a hot dog from a stand right near the Tower. He nearly keeled over when the lady charged him 4 pounds for the hot dog, yes 8 aussie dollars. The game of converting everything to Aussie dollars had to stop or we weren't going to buy anything lol
After lunch we went for a boat ride on the River Thames.
And me, photo taken from the other direction. That is the London bridge in the distance.
see Mums black wool coat I have on....hardly ever took it off lol..
More photos soon. I have to load then from the laptop!

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