Friday, October 1, 2010

Made by Mollie

Mollie celebrated her 7th birthday a couple days ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR SWEET GIRL.
Her plan for her birthday was a 'crafty day' with her friends.

Her friend bought her own sewing machine over and together they made their very own cushions.
There was a fair bit of raiding Mamas stash (totally fine!) and excitement over ribbons, embroidery patches and fabric and after a couple hours sewing, here is Mollies cushion.
She is so proud of it. It is sitting on her bed, pride of place!

I love the placement of the ribbons and the combo of ribbon and ric rac.
I asked Mollie if she would like dark red thread to match the ribbon but 'no Mum' was her answer!

I can guess there is going to be many more sewing adentures ahead!


  1. A stunning cushion!
    I love the ribbon and ric rac too - and I think the contrasting thread looks great.

  2. Happy birthday Mollie and well done on a fabulous cushion!

  3. Fantastic! I love their enthusiasm & the fact that they aren't afraid to experiment - you're growing a true creative there!

    Happy Blogtoberfest!