Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hand dyed yarn by Mollie

Yes all Mollie and I do is craft ALL Day!! :)
It certainly looks like it doesn't it. We do have a Dad and son who lives here too. I will have to show you what they have been up to as well.

For now, here is Mollies first hand dyed yarn.

Step 1 wind the yarn onto the niddy noddy to make a skein

Step 2 Squirt all your favourite colours onto the wool and set aside to activate.
Step 3 Wash out and leave in sun to dry

Step 4 Wind it on the ball winder

All finished!

She has plans to knit a dishcloth with it, just like Mummys! She is ONE CRAFTY GIRL!

And a quick photo of my new cotton yarn.

The kids have named it 'nature' as it has green for grass, yellow for the sun and blue for the sky.
I am really happy with the colours..lovely and fresh for a dishcloth.

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