Friday, October 29, 2010

My backpack!

I was standing at dancing the other day and I had an idea of making myself a backpack. After much thinking of design, I looked down at my feet there was Mollies ballet bag ( from Nana).

And guess what it was a perfect design.

A couple days later with Mollies bag, a tape measure, paper and pen, I designed and then made this backpack.

I love this came from Tas's fabric destash
Bag modelled by Mollie

With the flap opened and a peek at the inside fabric. The ribbon drawstring works well, with the addition of a wooden bead.

Inside fabric came from Sandy's destash sale

I am really happy with it! A friend and I are going to have a stall at a local market in December, so I am tempted to make a couple up. I might have to research how to make adjustable straps though.
Off to cut another one out now!

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  1. It's gorgeous Lis, the fabric suits the style of bag perfectly!