Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sketching @ the beach!

On Tuesday we all got in the car, including Odie (our dog) and drove 10 minutes north of here to Ellis Beach. Mollie has been wanting to do some sketching at the beach for a while now so we packed a morning tea and headed out. We found a lovely elevated spot for the kids to set up on and after a run round they settle down for some sketching.
Mollie loves her drawing!!

Lucas did a drawing too, which I am thrilled about and then he took off with my camera to take some photos too. He is really getting into photography lately.

And while this was happening, Odie got a lovely long run on the beach with Dave! We were there for an hour and in that time we saw three people. How nice it is to have a tropical beach to yourself!!

Mollie has asked for the botanical gardens next for a sketching morning...perfect!


  1. Sounds lovely Liss. Not thinking that I will find many empty, tropical beaches down this way ;)

  2. Wonderful! Love Mollie's "artist pose". My boy is really into photography too. How blessed you are to have these resources so nearby.