Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Bunnys by Mollie!

Thankyou for your Dorkey Rabbit pattern :D Tracy!!

She made 5 rabbits - One each for us and one each for her friends next door. She has made them as part of an easter hunt. She has written clues for everyone to follow and the bunnys with an egg in the pocket is their prize.
Cute hey!

She thought drawing the faces was a easier option then embroiderying them.
I will secretly make one for her today so she is part of the easter hunt.

And she took the photos herself..I better watch out, she is getting good!

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  1. Mollie, you are very clever! I love your faces. Thank you for liking and making Dorkey Bunny, I was very happy and excited to see your version of him. Have fun on your Easter Egg hunt on Sunday.