Saturday, July 23, 2011

And the ladies.......

They have arrived!!!
Florence, Ginger, Princess Leia and Cornwall
(In order of naming - mine, Lucas, Dave and Mollie)
A chicken named Cornwall..what a crack up!! (sorry :D)

Here is the sandpit conversion all finished

And here are our 4 Isa Brown chickens, all snug and cozy in their new home

Lucas's close up photo of.......(not sure how to tell them apart yet lol)
Dave designed nesting boxes...filled with straw and a couple of Mollies wooden eggs

And for those interested in the henhouse design, here is the back of the nesting boxes..
There was a mad rush on this morning to get the house finished in time to pick the chickens up by 11am but Dave and Lucas got there!!
We already have one egg...YAY

In a couple months time, we are going to raise some chicks. And for Odie, I think he is more put out that they get more food them him :)

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