Friday, July 1, 2011

A few things I have made of late!!

I have been a little slack uploading photos projects of late....busy with life I guess!!

First is a set of heat mats using HUUPS embroidery file. I LOVE these...I have ideas of following the tutorial and making In the hoop ovenmits, an apron and even a wall hanging for the kitchen.
They are such FUN designs aren't they!!! a new skirt and top set for me.
The skirt is made from fabric from spotlight, using my own pattern and the top is my fav FANO pattern using STELLA knit. I am really happy with the match!

And lastly, my latest tie dyeing effort.
I am planning to make it into a handmade picnic blanket..The kids will never miss it would they :D

Next on my list is 4 feliz dresses for a friend, a machine embroideried pillow case and designing a NEW kit...something for spring!!!

And the kids have been busy too..I will be back tomorrow with photos of their Cairns Show entries :D


  1. Wow, you've been really busy, but there is always the next thing on the list, right? The embroideries certainly make a project special and give a professional look.

  2. Really love the embroidery on the heat mats. So bright and cheerful.