Thursday, July 7, 2011

Now..she paints

Mollie can draw, sew, knit, create anything with some paper, sticky tape and scissors, is bursting with ideas for anything creative and this afternoon, she learnt to paint....

It was a girls craft afternoon here today - Lucas was at this mates house, and Dave at work. She and I decided this afternoon was going to be our first painting session together.

I used to paint regularly and then I found sewing and the painting fell by the wayside. Mollies LOVES drawing but felt she couldn't paint well enough so together
we set up the sunroom as our painting studio and together we painted.

She did so well. We decided a simple frangapani design would be easiest...So basically, she painted and I was back up support. She hasn't finished but she has the main blocking in completed.

Tomorrow she has friends over for a pottery morning, but in the afternoon, we will do more. She really is a creative little soul and I am sure will finish this painting beautifully!!

Edit: to add the finished artwork. It is sitting up on the wall in the sunroom..beautiful!!

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  1. Great job Mollie! and i love Lucas' mower!! maybe i need to show jamie these creations to convince him we should buy it too :D