Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chook feeders

It was time to add permanent feeders to the mobile chook run / tractor. 
We talked about the design over lunch one day and after a trip to the hardware shop, Dave built and installed the feeders - one for grain and one for water.
Here is the water one....note the water can be added from outside the coop

And here is the grain feeder.

I am sure this is Florence...the smart chook, my chook of course :) using the feeder perfectly :D

We needed a quick door redesign as we had a constant escapee in the group. 
Dave added a frame of poly pipe to hold it nice and sturdy. There is mesh at the top, so the small gap at the top is fine. We have had no escapees since the new door..Thank goodness!!
We truly had NO idea how she was getting out lol

The chickens have settled into the system well and now give us 3 eggs most days.

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