Sunday, September 25, 2011

What has been keeping us busy!!

While Dave has been away!
Lucas is now onto book 4..he is loving Harry Potter.
He finished the 3rd book at 11am yesterday and by 11.10am we were watching the DVD. Mollie was happy to have my laptop in her bedroom to watch Annie. 

Me..knitting another farm mat. I am really enjoying this simple knitting project

Lots of swimming. Even I jumped in today!

Dollmaking for my nieces...

Lychees!!! Fingers crossed we win against the fruit bats this year.

Waiting for these babies to ripen. I can't wait!!

And because I always have too many projects on the go, a queensized quilt

And a art journal for Mollies birthday on Tuesday...

 and Choc chip and oat biscuits...
And while all that was happenning Lucas participated in a tennis clinic last week. 4 days of tennis, 5 hours a day, what a life :D
This week..I should have lots of finished projects- as long as I don't start anymore ;)

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