Friday, September 2, 2011

Knitted Farm mat!

I have had this pattern in my head for months. I believe knitted farm mats are just perfect for children. Add some felt or knitted animals and people, some wooden blocks for a farmhouse and you have a toy that will grow and develop with any child.

I actually had two middle size people waiting in my sewing area for this one to be finished :)
They were keen to have a play!!
I am just finishing off writing the pattern and it is so simple to knit - YAY!!


  1. OMG MELISSA!!!!! it's like you are in my head!!! LOL i have been thinking about these lately after i saw one similar on another blog ages ago, i was going to harass you again and ask if you could make us one!!
    I have to thank you again for our dresses!! they are even more beautiful in person!! I would have posted photos but we were all struck down with the flu.
    Had you told me about our little bonus'? either way it was a WONDERFUL surprise and the children and i ADORE them!! THANKYOU thank you thankyou!! :)

  2. That is gorgeous, I want to make one too!