Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A little update!

Our little corner of the blog world has been a little quiet. Why?
This ballerina has been enjoying the local eisteddfods 
Mollie ballet

We have been sewing some very special presents
A quilt
Wedding present

And a thankyou pressie!
home sweet flag set for D

Our first market!!
Mollie at Smithfield Market

And we welcomed some new cuties into our flock...
chook tractor
We hand raised 4 chickies but ended up with two roosters. We rehomed the roosters to lovely family. The two hens are in with the girls and other than a little pecking, all is going well.

And some more news - next year is our year of travelling YAY!!
We are going on another big holiday overseas, so lots of planning, organsing, researching is happening here atm.


  1. Gosh, M looks so grown up! Can't wait to hear about your travel plans.

  2. Ah, it takes me back to my ballet days, the excitement of a concert, the dressing up, the nervousness and the exhilaration when the concert is over. Mollie looks so beautiful!

    Good on you for doing a market - is it as scary as it seems?

    I'm interested on how you raised the chicks - an incubator? I would like to raise some fertile eggs when the weather warms up and I've been told that silkies will sit on fertile eggs to hatch them. My Mary recently got some silkies so we are hoping to test the theory.