Monday, July 15, 2013

Homeschooling with the chickens

Literacy work from the chook run!
Not sure how much 'formal learning' got done, but it looks like heaps of fun.

We had our first chicken death last week. I was hanging out the washing and noticed all the hens in the corner of the coop..including the new ones. This was very unusual behaviour, normally they are out in the run scratching around and exploring.
I went down to the run and there was one of the older and much loved girls, dead in the corner. Dave thought it was a hawk and two hours later it was confirmed as it came back for another go the chickens.
Luckily we had them locked up in the coop. 

For a couple days, we took turn on guard duty.
The kids did their work form the run

I did my knitting / crocheting from the run
my yarn basket
They have settled back into their old routine (a bit of a pecking after a re shuffle) and the hawk hasn't come back. We are lucky to have had them for 2 years without an incident.

Chickens are the most relaxing pets to have. I spend a good 40 minutes sitting and watching them. They are THE best pets.
The would come up for a pat, go and dust bath, have something to eat, lay an egg. All while I sat and watched them.
All is calm in the coop now, and we are still getting 4 -5 eggs a day.
Good girls :) 

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