Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ok, where did December go!

Wow, and that was 2007!!!!!
Our home
Well, it was fairly quiet at home from the 8th December as the kids and I boarded a plane and headed south to NSW for a couple of weeks at Mum and Dads then Christmas with Dave's family. After some frantic planning and buying we finally got Christmas organised and it was a lovely time. The children caught up with all their cousins and enjoyed their time playing and swimming. Lucas and I missed Monty alot but he was getting excellent care from our kind neighbours. He did decide to break out on the last day but Dave and the kids found him a couple hours later running alongside the highway heading south. We were so so lucky to find him. He didn't know how to get home and he is still getting over it - poor thing!
A little funny from while we were away
While at the beach Lucas asked "Where does sand come from daddy"
Dave replied "it is crushed up coral and glass from the bottom of the ocean"
Lucas added "yes and when it is washed up on the sand, the glitter is added"
One for the book as Ruth would say lol!

Learning at home (and on holidays)
Between Christmas toys, getting to know cousins again, experiencing the movie theatre for the first time, it was a learning packed month. We went to see the 'Bee Movie' while visiting Mum and Dad and it was excellent, the children are still quoting it. It was the best movie to introduce the big and loud viewing of the movies to the kids. It is such a lovely wholesome story - no scary evil parts which is refreshing.
Lots of talking, reading and planning for the homeschooling year ahead - lots of holidays planned too - yeah!
Will add more tomorrow - am a little tired right now!

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