Friday, January 18, 2008

Plan for 2008

Plan for this year. Lucas is 6 yrs, Mollie 4 yrs.
Three mornings a week for about 2 hours
* Lucas 'phonics Pathways'
* Maths workbook
* Keeping a nature journal so one walk a week. I suspect lots of garden, seasons, temperature adding for the rest of the week too. I plan to add these books to our nature table display
* Music lesson 1x 15 minute session - piano
* 2 - 3 craft activities a week
* Science 1 experiement a week with added discussion.
* Homeschooling morning once a week and lots of visits with school age friends in the afternoons
* As well as the normal - gardening, baking, jobs, animal care, holidays away.
* Theme nights with the neighbours might be fun too. We make food, decorate, craft, dressup, learn a little of the language in the selected country.
* Also thinking of weekly visits to the local nursing homeAnyway we will see how we go. We do alot of this already, just adding a little more structure.

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